Global InterGold tells about the most impressive golden cars

Gold has forever been a symbol of luxury and elegance. Today Global InterGold presents an article about the most luxurious golden cars of the market.

Including gold in the construction and creation of luxurious objects is not limited to these times. One remarkable example was created in 2006 by the German company Visualis which covered the bodies of nine Porsche cars with gold. What other golden cars belong to the top list of the car world fans?

In 2009 the world witnessed the luxurious Lexus LX 570, exhibited in the auto show in Dubai. It took around 40,000 sheets of this precious metal of the highest fineness to create this piece of art. The sales director of Al-Futtaim Motors commented on this creative idea by pointing out the growing demand for golden objects, highly appreciate by customers.

In 2011 occurred one curious incident. The jewelry company Nanjing used the luxurious Infinity G37 for promotional purposes. The promotion appeared to be quite original, although the flawless car lacked one important element - a registration plate. The car was quickly taken away by a tow truck, and the owners were fined. For five months, five designers worked on the creation of this beauty.

Another astonishing model of 2013, however small it may be, scaled 1:8, 2013 is Lamborgini Aventador LP 700-4 which came from Dubai, the financial capital of one more luxurious fan country. The German designers – the main one being Robert Gulpen -used gold, platinum and diamonds, no wonder why its cost then exceeded $7 million.

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