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According to the latest media information acquired by Global InterGold, central banks worldwide have been lately buying gold in order to increase their respective gold reserves. Which measures have been undertaken by one of the largest and most important countries when it comes to gold reserves?

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Not a week passes but a report in the media tells of countries buying up gold for their central bank reserves. In particular, the country which occupies more time is Russia, which recently has been brought to the number five position worldwide after accumulating a total of 1238 tons of this precious metal.

The case deserves particular attention since the data published by the Russian Central Bank last week included 30 tons of gold just in March. Why is it so relevant for the 'Third Rome' to increase its gold reserve?

Global InterGold brings the opinion of The Washington Times correspondent Todd Wood, who shared his view of the situation. He supposes Russia did not present the full data of gold reserves and keeps the same course as China not putting all cards on the table. Wood assumes the reason of this moderate manner of presenting the data is due to the fact that the IMF is controlled by the US.

For him, the geopolitical situation which can be observed at present teaches us to understand the importance of gold and the fact that this precious metal is a harbinger of change. Concerning Russia, the country answered the question of how to save money, in its case how to save the national currency, and the answer was still to buy gold. After a proportionate recovery from increased interest rates the country decided to strengthen its hand increasing the gold reserve.

Indeed, the politics of such large countries as Russia can serve as example for individuals. Paradoxically enough, sometimes one needs to spend capital first in order to save it later, but to save it it needs to be backed in the most relaible asset, gold.

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