Facts about gold culture from ancient Egypt to the New World!

Gold is an integral part of many different cultures. The gold of the Pharaohs, the Aztecs gold,etc they all belong to the gold culture heritage of the world.

In today's article, Global Inter Gold will tell you about the value of gold in different cultures.

In view of its importance, almost every culture has a word to define “gold”. In particular this one has Germanic origins “gulþa” evolving thereafter to “geolu” in Old English meaning “yellow, green or shiny”. Its chemical symbol is Au from Latin “shining dawn”.

It has become clear that its shine and beauty have never gone unnoticed. But which were its particular uses in different civilizations throughout centuries?

Ancient Egypt

The yellow color of gold symbolized that which was eternal and related to the king star. The rich polytheist stories relate how gods were made of gold, and for the same reason sarcophagis were decorated with gold – the Pharaohs were believed to turn into gods and enter into their immortality after death. Naturally, it was a privilege just for higher hierarchies.

Asia Minor

Asia Minor - today's Turkey – had significant gold resources of which the most remarkable was the river Pactolus. For those who remember the myth of King Midas, that was the river where after being grated the gift of the Golden Touch, washed his power away. It was also believed to be the origin of King Croesus' wealth.


Gold was highly esteemed in Greece, depicted in different myths such as the Golden apples of Atalanta and the Golden Fleece. As a curious fact, sheepskins were used to extract gold particles from the bottom of rivers; the technique consists of placing the sheepskin on the river for further drying out.


When in Spain were discovered gold mines around 2800 BC, the country became one of the main gold producing countries of those times, mainly under the Roman Empire. The gold extracted and produced in Spain was intended to decorating objects in the peninsula as well as to be sent to Rome.

The New World

Native Americans, similarly to Egyptians, worshiped the sun and considered gold as a sacred metal. Huge amount of this precious metal was stockpiled in ancient temples of Native Americans as an offering for gods, while other part was destined to jewelry: nose rings, necklaces, bracelets and sacred amulets.

Global InterGold presents a few of the many stories and uses of gold in different cultures, but which already give an idea of the greatness of this precious metal in the past. Continue reading articles about gold and broaden your knowledge together with Global InterGold!

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