Central banks in chase of gold in March


March 2015 was marked with a huge number of gold purchases by central banks of different countries.
In the following article Global Inter Gold will share with you the information about the countries that bought the biggest amount of gold and the reasons of this. Read on!

Recently the World Gold Council published official data about the gold reserves of different countries. Not for the first time, Russia, which included more than 31 tons of yellow metal, equivalent to 1 million ounces, leads the list. The total reserve of the country is now 1238 tons.

Secondly, Belarus succeeded in replenishing its gold reserves. According to the official data, this country added 3 tons of precious metal to its official storage. Turkey follows with 2.7 tons of gold in March of this year. Kazakhstan is next on the list, having replenished its gold reserves with 2.3 tons of gold.

The last one the list of the countries which buy gold, still with a yawning gap, is Malaysia - reported to have increased its gold reserves with 0.6 tons.

Some countries, on the contrary, have been selling their gold reserves. For example, El Salvador decreased its gold reserves by 5.4 tons. Other countries from this list are Tajikistan, the gold reserve of which declined by 0.6 tons, and Mexico which sold 0.1 ton of yellow metal.

In this respect, Germany is the leading country. The Central Bank of this nation sold 800 kilos of precious metal to stamp a new golden coin. It will have the face value of 20 euros and the title “Linden”.

These are the published data about the changes in gold reserves of the countries of the world. Global InterGold experts will follow the changes in the gold market and provide you with the most relevant information. Follow the updates!

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