Top 10 Gold Producing Countries by Global InterGold

Among all the countries that produce gold around the world some stand out more than others. Which countries were on the top 10 during 2014, and which have more probabilities to head the list in 2015?

Read further and find out which gold producing countries took a lead during 2014

Let's begin at the end of the list where Ghana is rated in tenth position. The gold reserves of this African country amount to 106 tons. One of the primary causes is the fact that 90% of Ghana's deposits contain high quality gold.

The 9th place belongs to Indonesia which resources, including this precious metal, are spread around the 175,000 islands. The archipelago is believed to conceal more gold deposits that could even surpass USA's. Will Indonesia surprise the world in 2015?

Mexico has slipped places to reach the 8th due to a decrease in gold production. Nonetheless, the government of the country is planning to invest in gold production as soon as the economy of the country reaches a certain financial stability.
The next on the list is Canada which gold production rose by 13 tons, from 140 the previous year to 153, raising thus the interest of the gold market about the future development of this nation.

South Africa ranks 6th. The country has always been one of the main gold suppliers and is at the same time well-known by gold collectors for its gold coins, gold Krugerrands, which helped the country market the stores of gold of the numerous mines.
Peru follows it on the 5th position in spite of the fall in production of the last year due to its high costs. El Dorado puts a high price to its valuable asset.

The volume of the gold production in United States also shrank and placed the country on the 4th place. Back in 2013, the production was 228 tons compared to 200 tons of 2014.
The bronze medal goes to Australia which vast territory full of gold deposits lead the country accumulate a gold reserve of 270 tons.

The 2nd place belongs to Russia, where it was observed a growth of production by 9%.
And finally the expected winner is the Asian giant, China where the gold reserve of this country amounts to the incredible quantity of 460 tons.

Experts started to make an estimation to create the new list of Top countries in 2015 and its impact on gold prices in the future.

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