Global InterGold shares about Europe's biggest gold market indoor!


Have you heard the most talked-about topic among elite architects and elite entrepreneurs of gold business? What has drawn the attention of such different elites?
The city of Beverwijk and Global InterGold online store invites you to read further and dive into the luxurious gold world!

On 29 March, a new and unique building joined the must see list for everyone who visits the Netherlands. The building itself is a Gold Souq, a gold market indoor situated in the city Beverwijk designed and constructed by the Liong Lie Architects together with Leaders against routine.

Since its inauguration, European citizens do not longer need to travel to the City of Gold, Dubai, to enjoy a display of gold exhibits and jewelry. The new gold market in the Netherlands has attracted curious sightseers and customers who had the opportunity to buy quality products of any of the 29 jewelry stores

In order not to mislead distracted visitors, the building indicates its position with its shape of gold bar. The area of the facade is 1430m² and length is 35 meters and covered with golden triangles which shine and sparkle, leading people to think already of the treasures that can be found inside. The interior design is more modest – black walls, black ceiling and a beautiful lighting which emphasizes the beauty of the treasures presented on the stands. Undoubtedly, there is also a security system.

The building has already become very popular. People from Europe and other continents have gathered there to admire the products and the innovative building design, an example of extravagance and luxury, a new concept of gold market.

Gold has always been considered a symbol of elegance and magnificence. But that's not all, this precious metal is used by thousands of people as a safe haven asset to protect their wealth. People are more and more interested in buying gold, strengthening thus its position in the world market.

This golden metal is appreciated by the clients of Global InterGold.

Follow the updates on the website and find out details about the most profitable way to buy gold.

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