10 rules of business etiquette for real pro


Business meetings - personal and online - provide an opportunity to show yourself as a conscientious and responsible person one can rely on in such a serious area as the gold business.

How to make the best impression? Our rules will come handy!

1. Participants of a meeting should not be a surprise for each other

Of course, the element of surprise is sometimes appropriate, but you’d better avoid it when it comes to business communication. If a meeting involves several people, they should be aware of who they are facing. In addition, the presence of everyone should be justified, so do not involve those who are irrelevant. 

2. Time and place of the meeting must be agreed in advance 

This advice may seem obvious, but don’t underestimate it. Having defined what time and place is the most convenient for all participants, inform them about the final details as soon as possible. If the meeting is planned a few weeks or months ahead, it makes sense to remind the participants about it a day or two prior to it. 

3. Make a brief plan of the meeting 

Even a short plan will allow participants to prepare for the discussion, think through the issues, focus on the main aspects of the dialogue. It should also mention the approximate duration of the meeting: it is a sign of respect for attendees’ personal time.

4. Think over all the materials, programs and tools that you will need 

Talking about personal meetings, you should pay attention to documents, promo materials, audio / video content that you will make use of. In case of online space, it is worth making sure that all media resources and programs are under your control and work flawlessly.

5. Punctuality is the soul of business

Arrive at the meeting place and get in touch on time, always having a time buffer for unforeseen circumstances on the way or web. If you realize that you are late, be sure to inform others via a call or message as soon as possible. 

6. Politeness is above all 

Do not forget to introduce the participants of the meeting to each other if they meet for the first time. Small talk at the beginning is welcome to create warm and friendly atmosphere. Address attendees by name, be positive and outgoing, but not cheeky. Be interested in what others say, listen carefully to them, and don’t get distracted by phone or unrelated matters.

7. Monitor the course of the discussion 

Try not to interrupt the speakers, even if they take the conversation away from the main topic. Let them finish the idea and politely suggest to come back to the framework of discussion so that not to get out of the schedule of the meeting. Brief questions can be answered immediately, more global or divert ones are better to be answered after the meeting and individually if required. 

8. Sense of humor is good if moderate

Laughter is a cool thing, no doubt, but when discussing serious things it is worth to be more careful with jokes. Especially if it is a meeting with rather new people. In this case, it may turn out that some innocent joke will transform into an insult, which can significantly spoil relationships. 

9. Mind yourself and your habits 

Try not irritate others by, let’s say, chewing gum, constantly clicking your pen or pulling your leg. Such seemingly small things can form a negative impression of you. If the meeting takes place in a public place, try to refrain from ordering food: if during a discussion you cheerfully chew, this is unlikely to please your interlocutors.

10. Think of others 

If the planned meeting takes more than two hours, it makes sense to include a break in it to allow participants to relax, check inbox, and refresh themselves. Watch the course of time to finish it when due. If there is a need to stay longer, ask others if they are ready for it. If someone needs to leave before the end of the meeting, show understanding and never mind. 

Do not forget to draw conclusions and thank everyone for their time and attention!

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