Make business decisions at the purest Richard Branson style

We have prepared something very special today: useful business tips by the outstanding entrepreneur and founder of the Virgin corporation Richard Branson!

Worried about not taking the right decisions in your business?

Not any more! Find in this article Richard Branson’s 5 golden rules to make business decisions:

“Don’t judge a book by its cover”

As the British writer Andrew Grant once said, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Indeed, the first impression counts very much, and you cannot make a first impression to the same person twice. But we cannot judge a person by our first impression only: we should consider all pros and cons of a person or a business not to reach hasty conclusions.

Do your homework”

Are you good at improvisation? Nice. But business decisions require to be taken deliberately. Consider everything at your disposal before taking a final decision. Being too careless and inattentive can be counterproductive.

Avoid making decisions in isolation”

Every decision we take has consequences. That is why you should also think about your priorities, future plans, and any other aspects you consider relevant.

“Do everything you can to protect the downside”

Successful business people always have a good Plan B. They always bear in mind any possible course of events that may happen in order to protect themselves in case anything suddenly goes wrong.

“Give it time”

If you have enough time to consider something and think about it calmly, do it. Give yourself time. Of course, there are situations in which you need to decide on something quickly, but try not to rush. Important decisions need time.

In conclusion, take good care of your decisions and let them guide you in the right direction!

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