[Helpful advice] Change your life with Robert Kiyosaki

We have collected a series of practical tips from Robert Kiyosaki’s book "Rich Dad Poor Dad" to help you moving forward.

Use them to change your life for the better!

Take a break

Stop for a while and see what actions of yours are effective and which are not. Find out which techniques work for you and focus on them. Don’t waste your time on techniques that don't bring results!

Don’t be afraid of new ideas

Widen your vision of the business with books and articles. Get to know new and innovative ideas to improve your work. And don’t forget about webinars and seminars!

Feel free to ask for advice

Good entrepreneurs feed on the knowledge of expert ones. Invite a successful leader to a dinner or a meeting to know more about their experience; like techniques that have already been put into practice. They can take you to the next level too!

Talk to people

New customers and markets, expansion of structures, rapid business development… Communication is at the heart of all that. Grab any opportunity to talk to people: waiters, postmen, fellow travelers and so on. Each of them may become a front-line player in your team!

Learn how to foresee

This skill comes with experience. Build long-term tactics to develop your business, create long-term action plans, and constantly monitor what is happening around you.

Think big

Don’t limit yourself. As Albert Einstein said: “Only those who attempt the absurd can achieve the impossible.” Often, our biggest obstacles in the way to success are ourselves.


Fears and doubts fade if you are not afraid to take action. There is no better time than NOW! That is the truth of the matter: it is NOW or NEVER!

We hope Robert Kiyosaki’s wisdom has charged your batteries!

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