5 Problems & Solutions: How to make your downline team step into action?

Would you like your downline team to work more and better? What goes wrong when it comes to achieving great results?

Find it out and take your team to success!

Problem: A small team

Solution: Not everybody is going to work hard or as much as you'd like. That's that. If the business is not moving forward, it may be because you haven't invited many people. Statistics say that 1 out of 5 people will do a great job. This is why you have to invite many more people to find GREAT LEADERS, those rough diamonds. Find your “gold bars” and work hard with them. And of course, don't expect people to invite others for you. Get going and expand your team!

Problem: You haven't attended any event

Solution: Perhaps you are developing the business in a small town or on social networks, you just know each other and you know there are many more clients out there, and that's fine but everything changes when you attend events. They are pure energy boosts. There, you meet the company's management, which gives you safety and trust in the business. You also meet other clients and leaders from all over the world who are changing lives radically and achieving a roaring success. This will inspire you all to reach a great success as well as to expand your business internationally.

Problem: Lack of goals

Solution: Things the way they are. The business is quite attractive to everyone: it offers financial and time freedom, high income, etc. But these advantages are not clear goals as such unless you set a deadline or an exact amount of money. Help your clients to find out WHAT they want exactly and to create an action plan to achieve their goals. If some day they feel down, those goals or that vision will be their driving force.

Problem: Fear of rejection

Solution: You man up, contact a potential client, introduce him to the business opportunity... and he says “no.” It's hard, and yes, you need to be strong to get back on your feet and say: “OK, it's all right, I'll keep on working.” But not everybody is ready for an unconventional business. You have that great opportunity to offer, and if you keep on working with perseverance, you'll get that “yes” eventually. Also, keep in touch with those who say “no”: they may reconsider your offer once they see your new lifestyle and the success you've achieved.

Problem: They need leadership

Solution: The people you have invited to the business have place their trust in you for you to help them achieve results. You have to be the leader they deserve! Your downline team looks up to you to see how the business is going and what steps to take. This is why you have to work hard if you want them to do so. You are an example for them to follow: they'll do as you do.

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