[2nd Part] Want to attract more clients? Love is all you need

Do you want more people to like you? We continue this series with 10 simple tips to improve your relationships with both your prospects and your clients.

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Say their name

In his best-seller “How to win friends and influence people”, Dale Carnegie suggests to say the name of the person we've just met all along the conversation.

Why? On the one hand, we will be more likely to remember it next time; and on the other hand, people love to hear their name.

Talk 30% - Listen 70%

There is little else to say about this. Even if you love talking, the conversation is about the other person. If you talk to a client, you will find out whether he has a problem and how you can help. If you talk to a prospect, you will discover what he needs and how can your opportunity help him.

Mirror mirror on the wall

According to psychology, when people pay attention to what you say they mimic your gestures and posture: crossing arms, moving legs, etc. Therefore, if you mimic somebody they will think you are like them and they will like you more too.

Show genuine admiration

“Your speech was truly inspiring!” “I loved your last seminar about the business!” If you liked something about someone, don't keep it to yourself. Tell them! They will love that.

Put your phone away

Today, it is very difficult to find someone who isn't carrying a smartphone. We use them for everything! However, holding your phone in your hand when talking to people is pretty rude. Unless it is strictly necessary, don't use it.

Be positive

Always look on the bright side! Listening to people includes listening to their pains and problems, but you have to find something positive to add. So, if the topic of the conversation is sad or negative, try to cheer people up!

The friend of my friend is my friend

If your best friend introduced you to a new friend, why wouldn't you like him? Your best friend does. Get to know the friends of that prospect or client, and you will have more probabilities to get along with him.

Be excited

(Real) Excitement is contagious! Being enthusiastic and open will help you make more friends than being quiet and shy. Find something that makes you happy and share your happiness!

Find something in common

Your favorite book, the last movie you watched, a place you have traveled to... there are tons of topics in which to find something in common. From that moment on, the conversation will go smoothly!

Dress nicely

Yes, we know it's a cliche, but the first impressions always count! Be neat and clean, dress sharp following your own style and you will give a great image.

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