Public speaking secrets: body language

Public speaking is as exciting as demanding. Your image and that of your business can depend on how you talk to people.

Did you know that HOW you say things is no less important than WHAT you say?

Our tips will improve your public speaking skills!

  1. Confident posture
Open your chest and arms, keep your back straight without tension, and voilà! Here you are a perfect posture! Apart from looking confident, this position will make you breathe better by stimulating the work of your diaphragm.

  1. Smile
Smiling is the best and easiest way to make your audience feel comfortable.Smiles are contagious, and therefore can help you increase people's positive mood.

  1. Natural gestures
Don’t be afraid to gesture with your arms, hands and head during a speech. Practice shows that we tend to trust those who vary their gestures while speaking. But remember: if you gesture too much, you will look too nervous.

  1. Stiff gestures
Small but stiff gestures such as crossing your arms, will show that you are confident about yourself and the things you say. So, you will gain people’s trust and a good reputation.

  1. Walk around the stage
Use the available space in your speech. For example, if your presentation has three main points, take 2-3 steps between each point, or if you are using a PowerPoint change position when showing the most important points to increase the dynamism of your speech.

  1. Positive gestures
Nod your head, walk around people, thank them for their interest, etc. That will help you establish better relationships with the public. Also, when answering questions, smile and look people in the eye.

  1. Answers to tricky questions
If you get nervous when people ask you difficult questions, take a pause, breathe slowly, and try to calm down. Proper breathing will help you combat the panic and put your thoughts together.

Make use of these tips and get the glory!

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