5 Tips to Invite (at least) 1 New Client Every Week

Imagine you can invite one new client every week: you would accelerate your profit growth, create a large team and become a leader in no time!

Now, stop imagining and step into action! What to do?

Tip #1: Let's talk numbers

The more people you contact, the more clients will join. YES, it's obvious, but you CAN'T forget it.

If you've just started your business and don't master all the skills to contact people and present the business opportunity yet, make up for lack of experience by contacting a huge number of people!

Let's say you contact 10 people every week. If you get lucky, 5 will agree to attend the presentation, and, who knows? Maybe one will say “yes.”

However, if you contact 25- 30 people per week, at least 15 will attend the presentation, 7 – 8 can be interested, and at least one will say“yes.”

Tip #2: Neverending list

From day one, you need to have a notebook to write down your contact list – and never stop writing.

Firstly, write the names of your friends, relatives, everyone in your phone book, Facebook account, etc. Write some notes about everyone to make a more personal contact. Once you have contacted them, you start working with the cold market.

Don't cross out people who say “no”, because eventually they may come around. Some people need months, or even years, to make a choice.

So, stay in touch with them! Don't talk again about the business, and let your results speak for yourself!

Tip #3: Build up confidence

Who will trust you if you don't trust yourself? If you don't believe 100% in your product, your business and yourself, nobody will.

Think about this:

You work with gold, a profitable and stable product in the market.
You run a business that works for over 2 million people worldwide for 6 years.
You are a great sponsor who will help them and take them to success!

What else do you need to have more confidence?

Tip #4: Find your future team

Ask yourself: Who needs gold? Or also, who needs 7,000 EUR?

Actually the question should be: Who doesn't? Your market is very big, so you can approach all kinds of people – whether they want to run a stable business or earn some additional income.

However, if you are a beginner it's better if you start with people you have something in common with. That way, it'll be easier to start a conversation and you'll feel more comfortable until you get more experience.

Tip #5: Close the presentation

If you don't learn how to close your presentations, everything you have done before (contacting, doing the presentation, introducing them to your sponsor, etc.) would have been in vain.

Closing doesn't mean pushing people to say “yes”. You have to lead them to make a decision by asking the right questions such as: “What do you like the most about the business?” instead of: “Did you like anything at all?”

Add to bookmarks and keep these tips in mind!

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