How can Global InterGold's business ladies celebrate Valentine's Day? Gold's latest trends

Would you like to find out gold's latest trends while getting ready to celebrate Valentine's Day properly?
Let's celebrate Saint Valentine's Day in the purest Global InterGold's style!

Celebrating a Global InterGold-style Valentine's Day requires a delicacy only Global InterGold's business ladies have: elegance combined with gold's latest trends!

Getting ready for the occasion! Details matter

Some beauty salons have developed a very special way of manicuring in 2017. Ask for a lacquer called “Mine Luxury” and get your nails polished off with a generous coat of 24 karat gold.

There can't be a better way of highlighting the details than an outfit from gold's fashion latest trends. Like these dresses worn by the Spanish actress Penelope Cruz or the spectacular Beyonce at the Grammy Awards 2017.

A romantic dinner: latest gold delicatessens

Let's move on to dinner time. Do you know about the “Serendipity 3” New York restaurant's latest creation? Since January 31st, 2017, this restaurant is serving a peculiar meal: the "Quintessential Grilled Cheese Sandwich". It is made with gold leaves and accompanied by a gold-adorned South African Lobster and San Marzano Tomato Bisque. The sandwich has won a Guinness World Record for being the most expensive dish in its category.

And of course, a proper dinner has to include a proper dessert. And chocolate is perfect for Valentine's Day! What about trying Alma Chocolate's line of edible gold-leaf chocolate with romantic motifs?

That special present

Jewelry has always been a top choice for Valentine's Day. 2017's latest trends in jewelry are dominated by gold. This year, for example, you will see more rose gold rings over the more traditional white or yellow gold, according to Breanne Demers, Gunderson's Jeweler.

However, jewelry is something that not everybody can afford. But did you know that gold jewelry is actually more expensive than investment gold bars?

Gift pure gold!

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