Turn motivation into a habit and enjoy a routine of success!

Finding motivation to move forward day after day can be a hard task. We can get bored and tired at any moment! What is the solution?

Make daily motivation less of an effort and more of an effective routine! How? Keep on reading and find useful tips!

Motivating yourself shouldn't imply any effort; but if it does, then looking for motivators turns into an obligation. How to overcome this setback? By turning motivation into a habit!

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going”.

Jim Ryun

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You might be wondering how to get from the place of initial motivation, that immediate sense of excitement, to turning that interest into a new long-lasting habit. Firstly, you have to remember that we can't always rely on sudden doses of motivation and, most importantly, that habit is able to take us beyond motivation.

From motivation to habit

Ian Newby-Clark speaks about habits as follows: “When we are doing something that is habitual, we are not engaged in the task in the same way as when we are doing something that is not habitual”. A habit is what makes us wake up in the morning and step into action, an activity we normally stick to. You will need a few preliminary steps:

1. Your new habit is achieving your goals

Convince yourself and embed this in your mind all day long.

2. Find a reminder

Something that you already habitually do and that triggers you to adopt in the new habitual action.

3. Reward your routine

By thinking of the benefits that you will get from carrying out your new habit.

motivation, habit, business, tips, team motivation

Let's get down to business!

Motivation and forming habits are two very important factors when managing your business. In order to help you accomplish your business goals, we have compiled 4 simple business-oriented tips to turn your motivation into a habit. Put these tips into practice and see your whole structure motivated and moving towards the same direction!

1. Know where you want to go

It is sometimes hard to get others excited about something if we don’t see the goal clearly. So, the first step is to decide on what is to be accomplished.

2. Remember to remember

Once you become conscious of the thoughts that go through your mind, you will be able to shift your focus. Repeat comments to yourself such as: "I am motivated and productive" or "My business idea is great and people would be interested in it". Do this daily for three weeks at least, and you will be on auto-pilot.

3. Communicate with your team clearly and often

Be specific and descriptive about the goal and your expectations for each person on the team. Repeat everything you are sharing many times to encourage each person to understand their valuable contribution and responsibilities.

Feedback is essential to an individual’s professional growth. Probably the best thing for a leader and team member to do is agree on a mutual period of time to review the milestones of a project. These meetings can become habit forming and a healthy way to monitor progress as well as challenges.

4. Reward success

One great way to motivate others is to recognize and give credit to our teams. When we feel that those around us value our contribution, we are more likely to keep moving forward and continue working hard towards the team's goals.

A funny thing about repetitive actions is that we begin to enjoy the new habit. Additionally, we keep challenging ourselves to achieve even higher results.

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