[Sent by a client] 3 stages of the Global InterGold business: how to pass them and reach total success

The editorial board of the Global InterGold blog received another entry from a customer of the Online Gold Shop, and we are happy to publish it.

He analyzed troubles and obstacles that hinder successful business progress and has come up with curious conclusions and 3 stages of developing the business with Global InterGold in particular.

All of us ask these questions sometimes. Why has the table stuck? How to gain experience and recommend the business more successfully? Will it be better somewhere else? In fact, it all depends on you. You will be as successful as you let yourself be... if you pass the 3 stages of the business development.

So, here they are, the 3 stages of developing the Global InterGold business.

Stage 1, non-critical. In order to recommend the business successfully, you need to believe in what you do and trust the company. Otherwise, you will be unconvincing. Normally, a person needs a year to get involved in the business completely.

What happens if you jump over the first stage? You lack credibility, and so potential customers feel you don't believe in your own words and actions. And they refuse you. Fanaticism should be avoided either, for you not to turn into a “zombie” who can't think about anything else but the business, making all of the friends turn a deaf ear to you.

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Stage 2, constructive. If the first stage is successfully passed, you pass onto the next one. Here, you try to evaluate pros and cons of the business, since you now have enough practical experience. There is no perfection neither in life, nor in love or business. The trick is not to give up what you've done, but constantly improve.

Are there people among your friends who always switch from one thing to another unable to make a decision? Do they lose energy in vain? For sure. This is the same as attending karate classes and giving them up in 2 months, and then starting vocal and embroidery classes and so on and so forth. In the end, you will know something here and something there but you won't be a professional. It doesn't bring you success and income. Instead of wasting energy it is better to spend time on professional growth and studying the business.

global intergold, gold, business

Stage 3, destructive. After you have successfully passed the two previous stages you realize it's time for changes. But what exactly should be changed? I'll tell you: the set of values. You should look at things under a different angle, you should realize the time of real Leadership has come. A Leader who has passed the two stages is trusted. He doesn't need to prove the fact of being a Leader – people feel it anyway.

What does the knowledge of the three stages of the Global InterGold gold business give? Control. If you pass all of them, you will be able to accomplish your goals faster.

global intergold, gold, business

What needs to be done?

Get involved in the business and believe in success, so that other people believe in you.

Be faithful to the business and the company and stay the course of success.

Realize that nothing in this world is perfect and become a True Leader who helps other people get closer to perfection.

Carry out your next presentation having this new vision and look at the fire in the eyes of your listeners!


If you want to share your views about the gold business, send your articles and reviews to the Global InterGold Support Service or leave comments to this publication and we will get in touch with you!

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