6 tips on how to ruin your business presentation

Business is a serious matter, but it has room for jokes and humor. We have prepared some really bad advice for you on how to impress your audience with an "outstanding" presentation.

Do not follow these tips in real life!

Well, let's go!

What do we have here:
- the audience of 15 people interested in business;
- equipment for the presentation of business benefits;
- you are a speaker.

What to start with?

  • The simplest thing you can do is to ask someone to prepare a presentation for you, briefly explaining the main point. You are a busy man, you've got better things to do. Ask your assistant (or a friend) to knock out the slides. It will make your presentation specially intriguing because neither you not your audience will know what will happen on the next slide.

  • The more slides the better. And the more complex and overloaded they are, the more respect you will deserve among listeners. People will immediately see that you have a sincere love for detail. Non-contrast background and 4 paragraphs of pale text with 5 graphs will be plain perfect! The audience will appreciate your desire to enrich their minds with this vast and precious knowledge.

  • Go for never-ever-used formats for presentation. Be different! Stand out of the crowd. Your presentation deserves something special. And if you suddenly discover that the equipment is not able to support it and run the presentation smoothly, having ruined all the formatting, you can always blame the assistant. Thus, listeners will also know that you are a serious businessman who has an assistant.

  • Avoid eye contact with the audience, otherwise people might think that you expect a dialogue or debate. But we all realize that their task is to carefully listen to you and make notes. Immediately warn them that they will never have access to your slides. So, they will be even more attentive and you will be able to use the same presentation again and again.

  • Be unemotional: a true professional is always a bit cold and aloof. Emotions are for wimps, royal indifference serves the great. You can practice condescension in advance; people need to understand how thankful they should be for meeting you.

  • If you are artistic and like to talk, you don’t even need the slides for the presentation. Improvisation is all you need! Find a suitable image with a company’s logo, go on the stage and proclaim an inspiring speech on its background! Coherence and consistency in such a case are unimportant, the audience will be amazed from the very start and won over your public speaking skills.

Of course, all these bad advice have been prepared for you to laugh. Presentations are a matter that requires diligent approach and preparation.

Global InterGold has developed the official presentations about the company, business and product for you to get acquainted with firsthand reliable information.

And we will tell you how to use the GIG-branded presentations with maximum benefit. It will be realadvice!

The presentations can be downloadedhere for free!

IMPORTANT: remember that these presentations are meant to help you familiarize with business opportunities and learn more about the company and its product. When creating your own presentation, don’t use all slides but rather complement them with your own.

And what is your public speaking secret?

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