5 losers that turned rich

Did you know that Walt Disney was fired because of 'poor imagination'? Or that Henry Ford – the man who drove the world crazy with cars – was broke several times before succeeding in life?

These and 3 more 'used-to-be-losers' proved: all you need for success is motivation and aiming for the goal! Global InterGold fully supports this kind of approach.

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History knows many cases of people who achieved enormous success despite not being believed at by anyone. So, don't believe if someone says you can't. Remember these 'losers' and learn it by heart: if there's a desire, everything is real!

1. Disney, a 'poor-imagination loser'

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Disney was laid off from a newspaper due to his as if poor imagination

Before gaining the world fame, wealth and 26 Oscars, 5 Golden Globes and numerous other awards, the great animator was fired from the Kansas City Star newspaper due to lack of ideas and imagination. After that, Walt Disney established the Laugh-O-Gram studio, but went bankrupt. Only after moving to California and creating The Walt Disney Company success found him.

2. Beethoven, a 'worthless loser'

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Beethoven's teacher thought he's hopeless

It is now that Ludwig van Beethoven is considered a classical music genius. There was a time when his teacher told him he got no talent. There's a question now, who remembers that teacher? But everyone knows who Beethoven is.

3. Darwin, an 'animal-loving loser'

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At school Darwin was considered less than ordinary

Charles Darwin, a famous scientist and the father of the evolutionary theory and the theory of natural selection, had a keen interest in the animal kingdom. At school where he studied, he had to learn literature and classical languages – something little Darwin felt no concern for. Teachers gave up on him, and he went on exploring the natural world, which led to some of the most important discoveries of the humankind.

4. Edison, a 'dull loser'

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Edison's teacher did not believe in him

Thomas Edison’s story is very similar. The future inventor, entrepreneur and owner of 1093 patents in the US (not speaking about other countries), appeared not smart enough to his teacher. The latter complained about Thomas' inability to learn anything. However, it didn't hamper the great inventor's making such inventions as the bulb and the phonograph, introducing the 'hello' word at the beginning of a phone conversation and the expression:

'Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to succes when they gave up'

5. Ford, a 'poor loser'

global intergold, gold, business, loser, success

Henry Ford was broke several times

Today, everyone knows about 'Ford', an American car model named after its inventor. This brand has been thriving for more than 100 year now, but a few know that success did not come to Henry Ford at once, in spite of Ford providing a highly important product most of us use, the car. On his way to success, Ford went bancrupt several times, and still got what he wanted: he changed the course of history.

Never ever give up. The goal may seem faraway, but even if you make a small step a day, you will inevitably get closer to the goal, it is is only a question of time.

Keep moving forward and believe in your power!

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