How to create a secure password for your profiles and personal Global InterGold back-office

Do your passwords look like 'anna1985' or 'richboy777'? If so, you should probably seriously think about your online security.

After all, security comes first! Especially when we talk about access to financial and other important information. Carefully read this article and ask yourself if your passwords are actually safe.

What can happen if a hacker gets to know the password of your e-mail, social network profile or private Global InterGold back-office? For example, he can "borrow" money from your friends on your behalf. Or, if he finds a scan of your passport, he can use it to take out a loan in a credit company or withdraw money from your Global InterGold account. To avoid this, you need to choose a secure password.

Global InterGold business

Do not use: words and sequences of digits

Such words as love, cat, business Global InterGold as well as names and surnames are unreliable passwords. The same goes for numbers, especially your date of birth and symbolical dates. 

Such passwords can be bruteforced withing several seconds or a couple of hours! 

Do use: combinations of numbers, letters, punctuation marks

Choose the most complex passwords. Use lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers, punctuation marks and make passwords longer. 

For example: Gkk6$_saA8&!kLmnhh

Hacking of such a password would take a few months if not years. 

But here another problem arises. How can you remember such a large set of disconnected characters?

Do not write down, remember

1) It's better to remember your password without writing it down, for obvious reasons. If you still write them down, don't carry them around, hide them in a safe place instead. Don't tell anyone where you keep your password. Make a note of not a password itself but of the hints meaningful to you and only you, for example:

Password: 55pho%18_TG$

How to write it down: age, Bali, skyrocket, school, line, Clarkson, not gold

(Decoding: age of your neighbor, association with your vacation (PHOtos), rise of gold prices, your age when you first kissed, low line, Top Gear show, dollar) 

You probably haven't understood the logic of associations at first, neither would a hacker.

2) If you have decided to memorize passwords, mnemonics will help: it's a set of techniques that facilitate memorization. 

For example, you can come up with a pattern:

- the first and last letter repeat; 
- every third letter (starting with the second) is "a"; 
- a sequence of characters is a letter, then a character, then a figure; 
- all numbers are the same; 
- symbols: at first the right-most on the keyboard is used, then the far left, then the second right, etc.

Here we are: kА+7а!7А-7ak

Sounds complicated, but it can be easily remembered!

You can think of other techniques too.

Take care about the reliability of your passwords, so that your personal information would always be safe!

We wish you secure passwords and high income with Global InterGold!

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