How to act when a potential client says:"It's too expensive"? Global InterGold tips

Every businessman faces rejections at some point. It is part of every business. When you offer people to buy gold many of them may argue that it is too expensive for them. But is it really so?

You have 7 ways to show potential customers the advantages of buying gold.

Raise your hand those who haven't heard “it's too expensive” when presenting the business. Nobody?
That's because this is one of the most frequent answers. And that's because most people aren't aware of Global InterGold and gold's advantages.

Therefore, it is important to understand what is usually hidden behind the word "expensive".

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1) "Expensive? Because..."
Many people don't know how much a certain product should cost. You can give an example of gold prices on the world market, tell the total price of a gold bar sets in the Online Gold Shop and the option to pay only a part of the total value.

2) "It is expensive comparing with ..."
People might tell you they have seen cheaper gold in traditional shops. What they might not know is that in these shops they might not afford to pay it. It is important to highlight the purchase options as well as the opportunities to make money in the long run.

3) "How did you come up with this conclusion?"
Oftentimes people say that the product is too expensive without even thinking about it. You have to know why he thinks that way to know what approach you should use. By knowing your potential customers' true thoughts and doubts, you will be able to make a better presentation.

4) "How much will you lose if you don't buy it?
When explaining the advantages of the product, discuss how much time he spends on his job and how he could get time freedom and decide how much money he wants to earn with Global InterGold.

5) "I see your point"

Always listen to and never argue your potential customers. Remind them registration in the website is for free and they can take a look at the company's options and activities and even contact other customers who previously had the same doubts and now are satisfied customers.

6) "It might seem expensive now ..."
Share the advantageous opportunities of running a long-term business and creating a stable source of income available in the company's marketing program.

7) "Is the price the only obstacle?”
Get to know if your potential customer is actually worried about the price and whether he has a problem with or doubt about any other aspect of the business. Identify the true cause of doubt and offer a solution based on Global InterGold opportunities

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Use these tips when presenting the business to potential customers and increase your income!

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