Global 100 winners received gold worth of more than 22,000 EUR in total!

The Global 100 contestants don't waste their time. In three months the winners of the contest have been awarded with gold worth of more than 22,000 EUR.

New rounds are ahead. Imagine how much gold winners are yet to obtain!

In the Global 100 contest customers can prove they are professional business people and receive an acknowledgment and great prizes. The Global 100 contest started on 1 February 2016 and 7 people have already been named winners!

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Which valuable prizes do the Global 100 winners receive?

Every month the three customers with the highest scores receive gold bars: 1 ounce for the third place, 50 grams for the second place and 100 grams for the first.

The client who wins in the first place two consecutive months gets an extra 100 grams gold bar. And what awaits the winner of the year? A ticket to the splendid Grand Winter Voyage 2017!

Golden outcome: over 22,000 EUR in 3 months

In these 3 months, the winners have obtained gold worth of more than 22,000 EUR in total.

Each month winners show different results. One of the third-place winners scored 16 points while the first-place winner of the last two months scored 49 and 62 points respectively and thus received three 100-gram gold bars.

You can achieve the same success!

Work hard and never give up!

Every month the punctuation starts from zero so you have the sames chances as everyone else!

There are a few days left until May's round of Global 100 is over. Use them wisely!

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