Business presentations are key to success and high income!

Catalogues, roll-ups, brochures, PowerPoint presentations and others are essential materials for customers to build their business. Now, PowerPoint and PDF presentations are already available in 5 languages!

Know the main reasons why you should download Global InterGold's promotional materials!

Business Tools to Boost your Income

Global InterGold cares about designing and providing its customers the highest quality promotional materials to recommend the gold business in the most professional way.

Global InterGold presentation

Why are they essential to promote the business?

  • Materials with the logo and in the company's style emphasize the quality and reliability of the business.
  • Global InterGold clients take photos with roll-ups and brand-walls on the background. So, it is easier to find them on social networks.
  • GIG promotional materials contain the official information about the business and the company.

A high-quality presentation is key to getting high income

Potential clients often decide to become Global InterGold clients after or during presentations of the company.

To increase the effectiveness of the business promotion, the Global InterGold Marketing Department has designed a series of official Global InterGold presentations. Now clients can download the presentations in five languages.

What are the main benefits?

  • Time management. You save time since you don't have to guess what will work best for your potential clients. The company offers a proven 100% effective way of presenting the business opportunity. Of course, you can always add something.
  • Professionalism. Global InterGold presentations have top quality as well as the rest of promotional materials. They help distinguish real professionals! And real professionals are worth their weight in gold... literally!
  • Visual attractiveness. A full-screen picture will help you to reinforce the idea of your speech.

Global InterGold presentation

3 learning styles: 3 ways to hold attention

There are 3 main learning styles: visual, auditory and tactile/kinesthetic.

Visual learners need to see and read the information. Auditory learners grab information by listening to it. Kinesthetic and tactile learners need hands-on work. Therefore it is advisable to let your potential clients see the presentation, listen to you and try to give them some materials such as gold bars to improve their perception.

For a professional presentation, use Global InterGold's promotional materials!

Impress your potential clients with the best presentations!

Become a gold business professional!

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