Why did customers go to Switzerland after the Global Assembly 2016?

When the Global Assembly 2016 was over, many customers decided not to go home, but to visit the Global InterGold representative office. What awaited them there? What were the most remarkable moments of their trip to Switzerland?

After the triumphant Global Assembly 2016, some of the company's customers made a decision to head for the Global InterGold representative office to take the last step in this golden journey.

Clients from Mexico, Malaysia, Spain, Russia and other countries were attending the company's office in Zurich, Switzerland for three days, 3rd - 5th May.

Their visit was saturated with interviews, photos and addresses of the company's management. These speeches were accompanied by cheerful toasts for a bright golden future!

Customers had a chance to get to know each other, discuss plans for the future and take part in tours around the office.

Read more about the Global InterGold office in Zurich on the news website! 

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