The moment of glory: welcome the Global 100 contest winners!

The Global 100 contest was launched on 1st February 2016. The award ceremony of the first contest winners will happen at the Global Assembly 2016! 

Don’t miss it!

More than a half of the Global InterGold Italy conference is behind, but the most interesting things will follow. Everyone is looking forward to the award ceremony: the most successful and efficient customers of the first contest rounds will receive well-deserved gold bars!

Who will be those to shine on the stage and enjoy thunderous applause of the audience? Lets revise their names

Global 100! Your chance to win gold bars!

The 3rd place in the February round of the contest is taken by Angel Corral Escarega. A shiny 1-ounce gold bar is waiting for this contestant! The 2nd place and a 50 g gold bar will be an award for Annelie Farrugia! And the winner of the first round of the Global 100 contest is Alvin Villarin Caisido! This Global InterGold Golden Businessman will receive 100 g of gold!

It is still not the end of the splendid Global InterGold Italy conference, since an intriguing final of the fashionable Miss & Mister Global InterGold contest will start soon!

Watch out for updates and be the one to know everything about the Global Assembly 2016! GlobalInterGold is calling!

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