The Grand Summer Voyage Competition is almost over. Victory will be worth the effort!

It seems that the Grand Summer Voyage 2016 Competition has just begun. But there are only two weeks left to finish the competition.

It is time to focus and take the last leap forward! Harmony of the Seas waits for the 25 most persistent and strong-willed participants. Who will win?

The Global InterGold Grand Summer Voyage 2016 Competition started on 15th October 2015 and hundreds of customers decided to compete for the grand prize: a luxury travel on board Harmony of the Seas, the largest ship worldwide.

Time flies when you develop an international rewarding business, meet people from all over the world, travel to different countries, attend events, etc.

Seven months have passed full of hard work, enthusiasm and great advances in business. The classification results change every week in the Grand Summer Voyage Competition! Make the most of these weeks to score the maximum number of points!

Global InterGold, Summer Voyage, Harmony of the Seas

You can do it!

Do you know about the constant changes in the Global 100 classification? Every month it is almost impossible to predict the winners until the very last day! Surprise the whole gold world and win a golden ticket to this summer trip!

Success requires dedication. The more time and effort you devote to the business, the faster you will achieve results. The key is to believe in yourself and never give up

Everyone wins in the Grand Summer Voyage 2016 Competition

Remember that you are a winner. By taking part in the Grand Summer Voyage 2016 Competition, you develop your gold business and increase your income. May participation in the Grand Summer Voyage Competition motivate you to reach new heights.

In two weeks the names of those who will get aboard the ship will be announced. Who are the main candidates for this grand prize? Check the Grand Summer Voyage 2016 Competition classification.

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