Smart tips on business trips:make your life of a traveler easier

People have never traveled so much in the whole history of the humankind. They commute not only to work and cover thousand of miles not only to spend a yearned-for vacation: they travel to develop their business. How can one beat all the tiring aspects of moving from one place to another?

Waking up in Milan to commute to Paris for a business meeting and to Barcelona for a late dinner is not surprising anymore. The up-to-date businessmen are supposed to be used to traveling a lot. Do you have any hints to save your time or recharge faster after a tiring journey? We do have some!

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Here are some tips to ease your business traveler's life:

-Saving kit

Write down a list of things you can't live without and pack them in advance in a separate bag (trimmer, hair gel, sleeping mask, cotton pads, medicines, ear plugs, etc). It will keep you away from hustle of the last moment preparations.

-Practical clothes

Choose clothes that are easily mixed and matched, preferably wrinkle-free. Ladies can provide diversity of outfits with scarves, accessories, jewelry. Going on a business trip for a couple of days make sure to have at least 1 jacket, 2 pairs of pants, 2-3 shirts or blouses and some comfy and casual clothes you are used to (you deserve a good rest after a long day).

-Security check life-hack

If you want to pass the security check faster but do not have any priority status, try asking an agent which line will be the fastest when showing your ID and boarding pass. Try to get in line with single businessmen, you can immediately recognize them. Such people have less luggage and fewer stuff to be checked, and they are competitive, which means they consider a security line as a race and will try to pass it as quick as possible.

- Smart food

Eat well, feel good. Try to have healthy snacks before, during and after the plane but no not get stuffed. Prefer proteins and water to carbs and soda. You can't bring a bottle of water through security-check, but no one can stop you from bringing an empty bottle with you: you can always fill it in later. Another hint to find some decent and rather inexpensive food is to look for where airport stuff are heading for to eat and follow them: there is a good chance that you'll end up in a more than satisfactory catering place.

-Don't let jet lag bring you down

Traveling trough multiple time zones is difficult for us, but there is a good solution for this problem. Concentrate on time and light. Reset your watch to the time of your destination as soon as you get on a plane and sleep only when it's night at the terminal time zone. Try not to fall asleep when you land if it is not dark outside yet. Even if you are exhausted. If it's light out, be awake and vice versa: go to sleep when it is dark even if you don't feel sleepy.

-Buy a local paper when you arrive

This tip works well for several reasons. Firstly, having a paper in your hands makes you look more like a local, which is nice for big cities where you can become a target of some unsavory guys. Secondly, you can learn something new from the newspaper: even if you don't understand the language, you can look at the pictures. Finally, such a foreign newspaper can become a stylish wrapping paper for the souvenirs!

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