Earning opportunity for South Koreans in the circumstances of collective redundancy

Decision of South Korea to restructure the work of debt-laden companies suggests collective redundancy of tens of thousands of workers, Bloomberg reports. According to analysts and workers, it will be difficult to find job.

Is there a key to tackle the issue?

Tens of thousands of South Koreans may be laid off

For decades industries have fostered the development of South Korea. However, now there is a decline in economy, overcapacity, and tough competence with China, which gives rise to strict measures on behalf of the government.

The South Korean authorities decided to restructure factories, or, in simple words, to fire a big number of workers.

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What is the likelihood of finding a good job?

For the residents of South Korea, especially for those of preretirement age, the loss of job is similar to staying in a desert without water, as one of the workers said.

According to him, a possibility of finding a job with the same salary is approaching 1%. Even handling two jobs (a night taxi and a contract position in retail) brings him only a half of the salary he had before.

In these circumstances the government should go beyond traditional measures of supporting people, Cho Seong Jae, the expert for industrial relations research at Korea Labor Institute, said.

How can one remain solvent in the collective redundancy circumstances?

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