Rome is welcoming the Global Assembly 2016 guests! See the first pictures from the event!

The Global Assembly 2016 has started! How have Italy and Rome Cavalieri Hotel prepared to welcome their guests? What will the conference attendees experience at the Global InterGold Italy event? See the first pictures and make sure to turn on a live broadcast of the Global Assembly!

After numerous preparations, the historic event has begun !

More than 600 Global InterGold customers from around the world have occupied the luxury 5-star hotel. They have a wonderful opportunity to receive the latest information about the company, improve their business skills, meet new customers and interact with their old friends from the gold business

The guests enjoy the comfort of the Rome Cavalieri Hotel and soon will explore the sights of Rome. Global InterGold customers will be entertained with many surprises! 

Do you want to learn more? Watch the live broadcast and follow the main event of the season! Find out the exact time of the broadcast on the official Global InterGold page on Facebook

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