Miss & Mister Global InterGold. Support your favorite candidates, every vote counts!

The Miss & Mister Global InterGold contest is in full swing! The contest started a few days ago, but candidates already got thousands of votes.

What do you think about the most popular candidates of the current ranking?

Miss & Mister GIG

A very tight competition!

Who will be the winners of the Miss & Mister GIG contest? That depends on the candidates, and on you! Thousands of customers have already voted for their favourite candidates, and the contest is more and more tight. Results can change quickly!

The fate of the candidates is in your hands!

People can vote for their favorite contestants and they do it every day. One vote for one day! Imagine how the candidates' results will improve if you keep voting them everyday! Vote for your favourite candidates every day and skyrocket their chances to win!

Be a trendsetter!

Who deserves the Miss & Mister Global InterGold titles the most? Whose names will appear in the gift certificate? What country will they come from?

You decide the answers to these questions. Share your opinion in social networks, support you favorite candidates and watch them shine at the contest final.

The final stage of Miss & Mister Global InterGold contest will be held at the Global Assembly 2016 on 1st May in Rome.

Every vote is important for the candidates, vote now!

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