Live broadcast of award ceremony at the Global Assembly! Right now!

The moment we all looked forward to has come! You can watch the Leaders Award Ceremony at the Global Assembly 2016 on live broadcast!

Who will be awarded? What new surprises has the company prepared? Watch the live broadcast and find it out!

The Global InterGold Leaders Award Ceremony is about to start! The Leaders Award Ceremony is one of the most awaited moments of the Global Assembly 2016 and it will surely go down in gold history!

The company has prepared great surprises and does not want anybody to miss it! That is why, for the first time in our history, you can watch everything happenig in real time.

Those who have worked hard will see their efforts rewarded on the stage!
The company's management will award a great number of Global InterGold customers for having achieved outstanding results in business.

ou will see everything with your own eyes!

The live broadcast of the Global Assembly Leaders Award Ceremony begins!

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