Interview with the Global InterGold leader Julia Beykina: “My goal is to show global business development opportunities to the Russians!”

What was the reason for one of the most influential Global InterGold leaders in Russia to start her own business? What daily activities help Julia Beykina to conduct her business and increase her revenue?

Interview: Mrs. Beykina shares her wise approach to the gold business.

Julia Beykina is a strong-minded and attractive woman with a unique charisma and a zest for living. She is one of the company's foremost leaders in Russia. Julia supports her customers from her native St. Petersburg and other cities of the country on the path to financial independence.

At the Global InterGold conference in Tokyo, she shared her thoughts about gold and the company. What secrets of success has she revealed during her interview?

Why did you decide to develop your business with Global InterGold? 

It suits me well. This sort of business is quite satisfactory personally and professionally, whether you are a student, have already professional background, etc. There are no restrictions based on education, gender, ethnicity, experience... I can recommend the business with Global InterGold to anyone!

I used to travel a lot and I have lived in different countries, I have always loved that. This business does not just give me an opportunity to keep traveling, but also to meet different people and work in the meantime to reach financial independence. I believe that's very important for a woman.

My standard of living improves day by day!

Do you have a special business routine? How do you start your day? 

I have breakfast with a cup of coffee, and I start calling up my customers. I work at home till 2 pm, have phone and Skype chats with my team and after that I go to the office.

My office is located in St. Petersburg and it has been operating for about five years now. In the evening I have scheduled meetings with different people, answer all their questions, help solve relevant problems.

On Wednesdays I have reception day, so I work with my colleagues who are already doing well in business and who usually have a lot of questions for me. I like it when people show interest, I am glad to be helpful for them.

Describe your biggest achievement

I consider five years of intense and hard work with the company's product as one of my biggest achievements. From the very first day of working with Global InterGold I travel abroad and attend GIG conferences. I can see how people work in different countries, learn their approach to business, get to know their culture and working methods.

I am always eager to collaborate with the company, so I organize events in Russia twice a year: an event on New Year's Eve and during Scarlet Sails, a popular party in St. Petersburg. It all started with me inviting company's leaders to come to Russia. My invitations were gladly accepted by GIG customers from Japan, Spain, Italy, Peru, Panama and other countries.

In every event, they shared their experience and business tips helping Russian customers to move forward in the business. Guests from different Russian cities were delighted to know about business development outside the country. I hope that our achievements will be known abroad.

My goal is to show Russians how to run this business worldwide!

It's much easier to work now than 5 years ago. I can show videos from the company's events and tell potential customers what we have achieved, what we have done and do. They are very helpful.

What is your secret to success? What can others learn from you?

That's a difficult question. Probably, assertiveness and confidence. People often say, “You are like a tank, none can't say “NO” to you”. I have always believed in this business, and I sure love it. I think I can answer any question clearly and accurately, and I want my colleagues to do the same.

I think everyone should study the business before taking any action and be careful who they listen to. You'd better explore the official website and get to know all the information by yourself! After one has read and got acquainted with all the materials, he or she can address their questions to their sponsor or any leader. That's how you can succeed.

Consulting with non-professionals is not useful. You shouldn't ask a plumber whether he approves and supports your idea to start your gold business, because advice from a person who is good at pipes might not be useful. If you want to get a useful advice, ask people with business experience.

Can you share your slogan with us?

Everyone deserves to have a million of customers! That's a real success!

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