How did the Global Tour conference in Tokyo guests evaluate Global InterGold?

Gold has forever being a significant part of the Japanese culture, and today, gold business is advancing at speed in the Land of the Rising Sun.

The company's customers shared their opinion about the gold business with Global InterGold at the recent Global Tour conference in Tokyo. Don't miss out!

Japan was the second Asian country to host a Global Tour 2016 conference. Its capital, Tokyo, welcomed gold businessmen from various countries on 19th and 20th March who gathered to learn more about Global InterGold business and get acquainted with the latest gold news.

The attendees made the best use of their time by listening to the speeches by the company's management and Global InterGold leaders, studying new business techniques, enjoying performances of professional artists and, of course, admiring the sights of Japan during their free time.

The guests were impressed by the event and did not miss the chance to share their thoughts about the business opportunities that Global InterGold offers:

«Global InterGold helps me widen my circle of friends at an international levels. Also, I build my business with a product I really like»
Yoshie К., Japan

«I am the CEO of a company I started myself in Cambodia. Global InterGold allows each of us to make a strong business team of people from different countries. It's very easy to start a business with Global InterGold»
Chizuko S., Japan

«I don't think that developing your business with Global InterGold is difficult. I am a director of my company in Cambodia. The business with Global InterGold helps me to communicate with people all over the globe»
Masa Y., Japan

«What I like most about Global InterGold? Earning gold and meeting new people»
Michell K., Japan/the Philippines

Find more reviews about Global InterGold and the Global Tour 2016 events. Watch the interviews on the official Global InterGold Youtube channel!

Do you want to learn all the details about the Global InterGold conference in Japan? Find them here! 

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