Grand Leaders' grand moment at the Global Assembly 2016!

If you have followed the development of the most anticipated event of this spring, then you know what time it is.

It is time for Grand Leaders' speeches! It is time for success!

After a very intensive first day, the guests have gathered at the Rome Cavalieri Hotel once again to continue their journey through the gold world.

They are ready to listen to the Grand Leaders' speeches, give a well-deserved round of applause to the winners of the Global 100 contest and witness the final of the Miss & Mister Global InterGold contest.

The eminent Grand Leaders are pronouncing their addresses right now. These 10 Global InterGold customers were chosen by the company’s management for their efficient business development, organization of successful events, public speaking skills and involvement in the Online Gold Shop activities.

Let us remind you their names: Gino Ferruggiaro, Antonio Garduno, Antonio Miguel, Abigail Cordova, Lucero Blasquez, Carmen Ramirez, Paolo Secci, Mauricio Katayama, Marcia Arakaki and Ivan Bianco!

Each of them has his or her own story and a different path to success. They all have managed to create strong teams and lead their teams to prosperity.

What other surprises await the Global Assembly 2016 attendees? Follow the news!

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