Global InterGold Global Tour 2016: Golden Close in South Korea

Round tables at the Hotel Commodore, innovations in gold business, international exchange of experiences, information... That was the Global InterGold conference in Busan!

The second largest city and main economic center of South Korea hosted the 3rd Global Tour 2016 event in Asia on 26th March.

On their arrival, customers from Russia, Spain, the Philippines and many other countries visited the city and prepared for the Global InterGold event in South Korea. The conference was held on 26th March at the Hotel Commodore.

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The conference attendees listened attentively to the inspiring and informative speeches of the company's management, the event organizer Yushin Young, the pioneer of Global InterGold business in South Korea Svetlana Kagai and other leaders.

The speakers shared their success stories, thoughts and experience with the audience and were welcomed with rounds of applause.

What other entertaining and useful moments did Global InterGold conference attendees experience altogether? Read the article about the marvelous Global Tour event in Busan on the news website.

Intercultural exchange as well as the expansion of geographical horizons are always beneficial for those who develop an international business. More videos about the conference and with customers' interviews are coming soon! Stay tuned and get to know the importance of Global InterGold events.

Follow the news and update your schedule with upcoming Global InterGold events! 

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