“Act and be successful”: Global InterGold interview with the leader Vitaliy Borovyk

Get to know the success story of the charismatic and stylish Global InterGold leader Vitaliy Borovyk. This leader has shared his achievements in gold business, difficulties he faces and how he works every day.

Read the Global InterGold interview with Vitaliy Borovyk and get inspired!

Vitaly Borovik is a young and ambitious businessman who travels from one continent to another presenting the gold business and arranging meetings with customers. The interview, which was made at the Global InterGold event in Japan, reveals Mr Borovyk's success story and secrets of financial prosperity.

How did you start your business with Global InterGold?

Honestly, it was a lucky turn of events. About three years ago I had to make an important decision: staff was reduced in the company I was working because of crisis, and I started looking for a new job and opportunities to earn money. That's when I learnt about Global InterGold and decided to start my own gold business. The main reason for such a decision was the product itself. Gold is a valuable metal, and I am proud to promote it and show it to my friends.

What does your working day look like?

My working days are very busy, I get up at 5 am or 6 am every morning and talk to my team mates. I enjoy it a lot! The business is growing and developing, particularly in Asian countries. People love gold everywhere!

What is your biggest achievement?

I consider the organization of two conferences in cooperation with other company's leaders as my biggest accomplishment. The first one took place in Madrid and it was the first Global InterGold conference in Europe gathering more than 200 people from different countries! The second conference I organized with my team took place in Malaysia. It was the first Global Tour 2016 event in Asia and was epic! Gold does not have any cultural or linguistic boundaries; gold is respected worldwide.

The business with Global InterGold has also fulfilled my childhood dream for I always wanted to be a businessman and travel to different countries and meet new people. I've always dreamt of traveling to Asia and now my team and I are in Tokyo! We've just returned from Malaysia and are going to South Korea very soon. We have meetings with business partners planned for a week ahead. It's a solid proof of our success, isn't it?

How do you deal with the difficulties you face in your business life?

Difficulties usually occur at the beginning when you make your first steps working with customers. But the high quality of the product and the company's guidance always gives you confidence! You are surrounded by many successful leaders who can become your role models and teach you.

What is the secret of success?

If you want to succeed, you have to work and to step into action without doubting for a second. Don't wait! If you decide to do something, do it now.

How has your life changed since you started working with Global InterGold?

My life has significantly changed for the better. Firstly, my social circle has grown both in quantity and quality. I work with smart people from all over the world, learn a lot about the business from them and absorb their life wisdom. Secondly, I began to travel a lot. Last year I visited more than 10 countries. The quality of my life and my financial situation has substantially improved.

Do you have a motto or a mission?

Igor Mann's motto appeals to me: "Work, work and work, but at the same time study, study and study." I believe this rule suits our business and life in general. We need to grow, yearn for more and follow the example of successful people.

Do you have any advice for beginners and other customers of the company?

Business requires hard work, but working in a right way. First of all, you should study the business to understand how it works. The second step is to make a plan and follow it thoroughly. Accomplish the planned objectives one by one and that's how you will achieve high results! Don't be afraid to take responsibilities, choose your strategy and move forward!

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  1. Wow !!! Real fantastic interview! Thanks you very much my partner Vitaliy for sharing this useful info with us. Now we know how to achieve the success, because as all know the most important is hard, every day work! I'm also a client and leader of global INTERGOLD, and I'm very proud to be part of it !!! Also I'm very thankful company for all support and for this amazing opportunity!!! The gold business is the best business!!!!!
    If you are not yet in the business I recommend you to find out more and don't miss the opportunity which will change your life! We invite all to our international team! :)

    1. Thank you partner! Proud of your work in Asian markets!

    2. Thanks for inviting to this blog Leader Vitaliy Borovyk!
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      Just to sum it up! Leader Vitaliy you’re incredibly doing a great support with us. Thanks so much!
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  2. Such a great interview! This interview really helpful and and useful because I'm also a client and leader of Global InterGold did apply the same way here in Malaysia. The product (Gold) itself shows the prestige of this business. I recommend you for those who still looking for a business to start, Global InterGold is the best business for you to start your own gold business in your country now by PM me or register here www.cybernet.myintergold.com or search my name Iz Jaafar in Facebook. Thank you my partner Mr Vitaliy Borovyk from Spain for this interview.

  3. Truly amazing event ! There is a huge interest among Japanese people in Gold business ✨ Thank you for my partner and leader Vitaliy Borovyk for such a great motto a success mission and fantastic interview !! It was wonderful life experience ..i'm happy to be part your International Team and I'm proud to be Global Intergold clients !! Come on everyone let's join our team ✨ how many Global Intergold Gold bars do you want ..? There's no limit ! you will win all Gold bars that you want and work for them...? Visit : www.hannamel.myintergold.com ✨ Facebook : Hanna Mell

  4. Fantastic interview!! im very proud to work with you!
    If you wanna change your future - take action! TAKE ACTION NOW!
    GIG is fantastic opportunity to start your own business and make money!!!

  5. Best power and suport, thank'u my patner and kindly leader Vitaliy Borovyk, God blessing us

  6. Best power and suport, thank'u my patner and kindly leader Vitaliy Borovyk, God blessing us

  7. We have only one life, why not to be a billionare? With Global InterGold its possible!

  8. WOW!!! very well said... right answer for the right questions


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