7 Reasons to attend Global InterGold events

What is more important: improving your business skills or establishing new business contacts? You don't have to choose.

At Global InterGold events you can do this and much more! Know the 7 main reasons to attend events.

Since the start of 2016 Global InterGold has held a successful series of events under the name of “Global Tour 2016” in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Malaysia, Japan and South Korea.

Know the main 7 reasons to attend events:

1st Events are the perfect “excuse” to visit a new country, discover a new culture and meet new people. Apart from personal growth, this can help you to start developing your business in a new country. If it is not your first visit, it will still be a great moment to see old friends!

2nd You learn first hand information about the company's news and plans. Having reliable information is key for a more efficient development of your business and those of your team's colleagues.а.

3rd You have a chance to get valuable awards. Global InterGold's prizes are only awarded at the official Global InterGold events by the company's management. If there is any award waiting for you, attend the next official event!

4th Learning new business skills. During the conferences, there are held many business seminars that allows everyone to acquire new knowledge and reinforce their skills. Furthermore, you can take note of the speakers' communication skills to improve your own.

5th Language practice. At Global InterGold events there are usually customers from different countries, becoming a perfect place to learn and practice new languages, memorize useful phrases and who knows, maybe learn enough to start your business in different countries!.

6th Events offer the opportunity to express yourself. You can pronouncing a speech on the stage talking about your story or giving advice to the public, and if you are a listener, you can write down your feedback and post it in the official pages of the company.

7th Motivation. Each event is a highly effective promotional tool. Your presence at conferences is a proof of your business' prosperity which always motivates the whole team. Don't forget to invite your colleagues to the event!

Attend Global InterGold events more often, read the articles, follow the news and watch the videos of the events!

Preparations are underway for the most important event of the year! The Global Assembly 2016 will take place in Rome, Italy on 30 April and 1 May 2016.

Apart from Leaders Award Ceremony with new exclusive awards, the management will award Miss and Mister Global InterGold, and will select 10 candidates to receive the next titles of Grand Leaders.

Do not miss the unique opportunity!

Buy your ticket!

See you at Global InterGold events!

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