Incredible start of the Global Tour 2016 in Colombia!

Global InterGold's giant-scale initiative started successfully! The Global Tour 2016 stopped in Latin America and could not miss Colombia! How was the event?

Which country will be next to host a Tour event?

All Global InterGold events in Latin America were a tremendous success. And the first conference of the Global Tour 2016 in Colombia was not an exception. Quite the opposite, it was a perfect example of a high profile event full of excitement.

The conference was held in the prestigious Dann Carlton hotel known for its high-class service and luxurious interior. Elegant guests arrived full of expectations to the Global Tour 2016 conference. Colombians have another reason for national pride: their country was chosen to host this remarkable event.

When all the guests took their seats, leaders and the Director of Development delivered their speeches. The latter also conducted the awarding ceremony for the most outstanding leaders who gained well-deserved valuable prizes.

During the informal part the guests were entertained by professional musicians and dancers. One could not resist temptation to dance! The final chord of the night was a confetti-fountain which turned the event into a colorful carnival.

The atmosphere of Global InterGold events is worth experiencing it personally. If you haven't participated in any, don't hesitate to sign up for any!

The latest event of the Global Tour 2016 has taken place in Japan and the next one will be held in South Korea. You have a wonderful opportunity to travel to these Asian countries and get inspired with new business ideas. Don't miss your chance!

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