How to obtain the 10th title of Grand Leader for the Global Assembly 2016?

Global InterGold leaders work with dedication and persistence day by day. 9 leaders have already got the title of Grand Leader, yet the post of 10th Grand Leader is vacant waiting for a great leader!

Are you dreaming about this noble title and all its privileges? Get to know how get it and set the world alight!

There is only one month left until the Global Assembly 2016 starts! At this historic event, 10 Grand Leaders will deliver an address sharing their success stories with the audience.

Nine Grand Leaders have already been announced. Here is the list:

Only one Grand Leader remains to be elected!

A truly difficult task!

The leaders who obtain the Global InterGold Grand Leader title are a perfect example of teamwork, diligence, leadership. They are talented leaders who guide thousands to professional and personal success.

Therefore, anyone who wants to gain the unique title of Grand Leader and all privileges associated with it can record video or write a letter explaining why they are the best candidate for the title of Grand Leader!

Be the highlight of the conference!

What should your video message contain?

The video should tell people about your leadership features, motivate the listeners and inform them about your contribution to the development of gold business.

Please remember that candidates for the Grand Leader title have to fulfill the following requirements

1) High statistics and business development.

2) Events organization.

3) Public speaking.

4) Participation in Global InterGold activities.

Let your video message show why the Grand Leader title is meant for you, prove that you have a word to say at the Global Assembly 2016. Encourage the audience with examples of your achievements. Share your success story with everyone!

Publish your video message on your Facebook page, YouTube channel, or any other Internet resource and send the link to the Online Gold Shop Support Service, or use a personal message to our official Facebook page.

You can get the 10th Grand Leader title!

Make a step forward! Record your video!

Tell the world why YOU deserve to become a Grand Leader.

Don't forget that 10 candidates will be selected among the participants of Global Assembly 2016 to opt for the title of Grand Leader and deliver a speech at the next official Global InterGold event.

Your video may have a significant influence on the course of events.

Hurry up to buy your golden ticket!

As time goes by, tickets are running out!

[Buy a ticket now!]

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