Global InterGold Peru: Grand Finale of Global Tour 2016 in Latin America

The Global Tour 2016 successfully finished in Latin America and after heading East, it is conquering Asia!

What impression has the event in Peru left in the attendees?

February was a very special month for Global InterGold customers since many could attend the Global InterGold conference in Peru.

The atmosphere of the event was electrified with success and excitement. One could feel it from the very beginning.

The conference's participants were glowing with happiness when approaching the splendid Westin Lima & Convention Center Hotel. They were holding and waving their national flags for this Global InterGold conference attracted customers from all parts of Latin America.

In order to emphasize their dedication to the gold business, some of them were wearing T-shirts with the Global InterGold logo. What a devotion!

At the reception desks, the guests received their golden bracelet. As soon they were ready, the doors of the conference hall opened before them.

Top leaders attended the event to give inspiring speeches full of key business advice. The charismatic Director of Development for Global InterGold George Fuzesi also delivered an inspiring speech and informed the audience about the latest novelties.

The participants of the event were all smiles! Each of them was very enthusiastic and welcoming, giving well-deserved rounds of applause to the speakers. What a sign of keen and genuine interest, isn't it? All guests looked like one big and friendly team.

During the break between speeches the stage was occupied by dancers in white-and-red costumes. After the overwhelming performance even some of the guests decided to dance as well!

Afterwards the much-anticipated leader awarding ceremony was held. The customers were invited to the stage one by one so that to receive a well-deserved prize from the Director of Development and share their gratitude to the company.

The Global InterGold company follows its outstanding customers' achievements and praise them with valuable prizes at the official events.

To sum things up, the final event of the Global Tour 2016 in Latin America was a tremendous success! And there are many more things to come!

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