Global InterGold gives gold. Global 100 is being a hit!

Three Global InterGold customers have climbed the winners' podium in the Global 100 contest! February finished successfully for the 3 winners who will take home 100 grams, 50 grams and 1 ounce of gold.

And we fire the starting gun for Global 100 in March!

Global 100 is a contest for customers aspiring to boost their business and win gold by their own merits!

The winners in the 1st place become the customer of the month and receive the honorary title of “Global InterGold Gold Businessman” and a 100-grams gold bar. The 2nd and 3rd place are not left empty-handed, they get exclusive 50-grams and 1 ounce gold bars respectively!

And, the biggest prize of the contest for the customer who takes the 1st place in 2016 is a ticket to the Grand Winter Voyage 2017!

Global 100 is your golden breakthrough!

The contest starts every month from the first til the last day. Each month, every contestant has the chance to become winners and take their gold business to new levels!

Now we are glad to announce February's winners!


3rd place:

Angel Corral Escarcega - 1-ounce gold bar!

2nd place:

Annelie Farrugia - 50-grams gold bar!

1st place:

Alvin Villarin Caisido - 100-grams gold bar and the title of Global InterGold Gold Businessman”!

Congratulations to our prize winners on their determination, willpower and energy in the development of their gold business.

We are proud of your victories!

The Global 100 award presentation for February and March winners will take place at the Global Assembly 2016 on 30th April and 1st May. The company's management will personally congratulate the winners!

The next stage of the Global 100 contest already started! Everyone has the chance to become the best customer of March and get the exclusive title of Gold Businessman!

Everyone can win gold!

Win twice in a row and get an extra 100-grams gold bar!

Follow your development in Global 100 through your back-office:

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