Are you ready to spend $50 000 on golden skis?

The Foil Skis company has unveiled exclusive gold-plated skis for true fans of winter sports and luxury.

Surely these skis can get you far but, how far would you get with gold in your personal economy?

Exclusive Golden Skis

Foil Skis, an Italy-based company that manufactures skis and equipment has released a new line of products known as Foil Oro-Nero (Golden-Black). Not only can this premium class skis conquer snow capped hills, but also win the hearts of gold's admirers.

This line is a special limited edition and the price amounts to $50,000 per pair. They are made from 8000-year-old oak, with aluminum bindings, sliding graphite and nano tech base. But what is most impressive is that these ultimate skis are topped with 14 karat gold!

You can also get a unique travel bag and have your name engraved on the skis' surface. The latter is a special offer from the company. Golden skies are the best companion for winter sports' fans and professionals!°

Successful businessmen go for gold bars

What about business professionals? They have pinnacles of success to reach too. Though developing a business today, given the current economic situation, is never easy, many businesspeople have found their pot of gold.

Global InterGold customers conduct their own business with physical investment-grade gold bars of the highest fineness 999,9. Apart from buying gold in order to ensure their financial stability, they participate in competitions and win valuable prizes from the company.

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