Global Assembly 2016 in Rome: The 4 best reasons to buy your ticket today!

The Global Assembly 2016 on April 30 and May 1 will be of particular importance for Global InterGold customers.

This event will make you fall in love with Rome and gold; get inspired by the rich program, big development schemes; and be proud of the common achievements.

There are 4 great reasons to not miss this event. Or are there more?

The Global Assembly 2016 is a unique opportunity for customers to make headway in the development of their international business. The information and promotional materials which will be available at the event, are key for a successful promotion of the Global InterGold product.

There are 3 months to buy the tickets, but on the very first day of registration, more than 10% of the tickets were sold! Why should you hurry to register today?

Reason №1. High-profile event: 5 star hotel and Michelin 3-star restaurant

The Global Assembly 2016 will be a historic event at the historic center of the world. The Italian capital will greet the guests with a unique architecture, emblematic monuments, and a dazzling sun.

The venue for the event is the 5-star Rome Cavalieri hotel, one of the most prestigious in the city and located near symbolic landmarks. The hotel has the only Michelin awarded restaurant in Italy. Michelin gave it 3 stars and has 8.7 points out of 10 and the status of “Excellent” in websites.

Reason № 2. Addresses by 10 Grand Leaders

The management will choose 10 leaders depending on the annual results. The company will pay for the trip to Rome and tickets for the event to these 10 leaders and will invite them to share their success stories on stage – stories which will reach the heart of every guest and give them a great motivation to develop their business at an all-time high.

Reason № 3. Promotional materials

To demonstrate the growth of your business, promotional materials can be your best proof. It is difficult to find something better than photos and videos where hundreds of successful customers from all over the world celebrate their financial victories.

Specially for the guests, the Global InterGold media studio will bring professional photo and video equipment to capture the emotion of the event!
In addition to photos and videos, the guests will receive in hand different products with the Global InterGold logo and with information about the company.

Reason № 4. Limitless energy and motivation

Each Global InterGold event is an added motivation for customers that will help them progress in their business and increase their income level. At the Global Assembly 2016, the guests will spend two unique days in the company of successful people, meet the company management in person, listen to inspiring speeches by the main leaders and learn more to develop your business.

Know more about the Global Assembly 2016 and buy your ticket:

Do you know more reasons? Share them in comments! We want to know what YOU expect from this event!

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