What can gold mean in your dream? The must know for businesspeople and Global InterGold clients!

Healthy sleep is worth its weight in gold. A regular human spends about one third of his life sleeping, which makes this aspect of life essential for health and productivity. Some say, dreams can even predict future. Why do we see dreams, and what it means to see gold in one's dream?

Why do people see dreams? Scientific hypotheses

The scientific study of dreams is called oneirology. Scientists have been concerned about the reasons why we see dreams for quite a time, which gave birth several curious hypotheses

Hypothesis 1.

Freud was among first people to study dreams, having come to a hypothesis that they represent people's hidden or repressed wishes. According to this theory, seeing gold in one's dreams could mean one really wants to have it!

Hypothesis 2

Deidre Barret, the Professor of Psychology from Harvard Medical School, supposes dreams are puzzles that help people to solve their problems by the means of dreams. Such a supposition seems convincing, since gold is a key to problem solving.

Hypothesis 3

According to this theory, dreams act as therapeutic sessions. For instance, Ernst Hartman, psychiatrist, thinks dreams help in struggling with negative memories. Indeed, any unpleasant dream will improve, if there is gold in it.

To see gold in one's dream means to gain profit

Gold can take different shapes in one's dreams. How to figure out, what a particular situation with the precious metal, means? Here are some dream book conclusions:

  • If you see a gold nugget in your dream, you can gain sufficient profit in future.
  • If you hold gold in your hands, enormous success in any undertaking in waiting for you.
  • Golden coins come into one's dreams to symbolize future reward for a job done.

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Good night

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