Want a great vacation? 5 reasons to compete for the Grand Winter Voyage

Do you work hard and have long wanted to go on your dream vacation? This is your chance! Fulfill your dream accompanied by the Global InterGold management and top leaders, everything at the expense of the company.

Make it come true by participating in the Grand Winter Voyage Competition!

The best 5 reasons for not missing this opportunity.

How many people do you know whose boss is ready to pay them a free vacation just for doing a good job? The most persevering and hardworking Global InterGold customers have the chance to win a free holiday in some of the favorite destinations for international tourists.

The competition for the Grand Winter Voyage, a journey at the expense of the company, is in full swing. There are no losers in this competition! Those who participate in the competition acquire more experience in the business and increase their revenue generation. Customers are highly motivated, and they have 5 good reasons for that:

1. Income level increase

Statistics show that income of the Global InterGold customers who participate in the competitions raise considerably. They have an extra motivation to win this prize!

2. Opportunity to explore Asia

To travel while working is the dream of thousands. And to work and travel at the expense of the company is a real option for the GrandWinter Voyage contestants. The winners will have the unique chance to immerse themselves in the Asian culture, surrounded by all kinds of luxuries.

3. A huge charge of motivation and inspiration

If traveling is in your bucket list, then a paid trip will become the best source of motivation to develop your business.

4. Time with top leaders and the company management

The 30 winners will be leaders with an invaluable business experience, stories, anecdotes and groundbreaking ideas. Being in the company of like-minded people is a guarantee to have a good time – time to exchange experiences, develop great plans and business strategies.

5. Worthy vacation

Those who work well, relax better. Do everything to be proud of your work, and Global InterGold will do everything for you to enjoy your vacation. The official photos and videos and your memories, will be a reminder of your great victory!

The Grand Winter Voyage 2017 Competition started on December 15.

Show the world that you are a leader!
Develop your structures
Help others on the path towards success
Become a role model
You can be one of the 30 winners!

Read the contest rules:

We wish you the greatest success!

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