Video report: clients from 16 countries trip to Saint Petersburg and give Global InterGold reviews!

“Gold is the real money”, the Global InterGold clients say in one voice and with certain pride, while recording videos in different parts of Saint Petersburg.

How did business people from 16 countries spend their time in the cultural capital of Russia? How do they manage to combine the business, traveling, and having a good time? Finally, how did they enjoy every moment of their trip to Saint Petersburg?

Even the cultural capital of Russia not always houses such a number of business tourists. The representatives of the gold business from 16 countries of the world headed for the most exciting places of the big city!

The participants recorded Global InterGold reviews, having the best tourist attractions at the background. In the heart of Saint Petersburg, they repeated the slogan which they strongly believe in: “Gold is the real money!”

The clients send warm greetings right from the Palace Square, enjoy the charming view of the city, and give reviews, standing near the Savior on Blood. They dance, wave the flags of their countries, and spend the unforgettable time in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Remember, how was the amazing Christmas event, organized for the clients, Global Christmas 2015: Distinguished guests from 16 countries arrived to Russia to celebrate Christmas and the New Year in a golden atmosphere with Global InterGold!

Dream, set goals and win!

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