Global Tour 2016 makes its debut in Colombia!

The Global Tour 2016 is off to a running start! The Global InterGold management and top leaders have already prepared a list of events under the slogan “Leadership Development” starting in Latin America – and they want you to be there and prove your potential!

Prepare your best suit and join!

Global InterGold has started its Global Tour 2016 under the slogan “Leadership Development.” The company is setting its sights abroad more than ever and will land in different countries to bring company and customers together.

The core idea of the Global Tour 2016 is to bring information about the company to every corner of the world, so that every customer is better able to develop their leadership skills and unfold their full potential in the gold business.

Soon, the Global Tour 2016 will take over Colombia, drawing hundreds of people from different countries willing and ready to reach the highest success!

Our Global InterGold management is ready to set foot in Colombia: 

There's no time like the present to be spontaneous! Don't hesitate and give your life a good golden twist!

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