Filipino Chef presents its new yummy golden creation in New York city.

In the core of New York city, a typical Filipino restaurant has won over the hearts and stomachs of both locals and tourists. And since a few time ago, it became a must-visit for lovers of luxury and gold.

Would you dare to try this golden sweet worth $100?

Innovation means gold

New York is a mixture of cultures, noises, colours, tastes, peoples. Such a mix has led to an exquisite taste that doesn't content itself with anything, but the extraordinary and innovative.

The typical Filipino restaurant Manila Social Club located in Brooklyn knows it, and knows how to answer such high demands. That's why the skilled chef Björn Delacruz has decided to add that what never stops surprising. Gold!

This chef from the Philippines has presented doughnuts made of gold – or as he describes it: “the ultimate celebration of love for generous people with an expensive taste”. The Filipino chef believes these doughnuts are preferred by those who want to give a special gift to a special person and those “who take up any business with passion.”

Where is the secret?

The chef has shared his recipe with the world. He gets up early and makes the pâte à choux (the dough for eclairs). He fills the doughnuts with ube (purple yam) mousse and champagne jelly, covering the sweet with iced frosting made of 24k gold.

“YUM!” affirmed those who tasted these gold doughnuts. The sales skyrocketed at this exclusive Filipino restaurant with gold doughnuts worth $1000 a dozen. Nobody wants to miss this sweet.

What, then, about the exclusive material which brought doughnuts fame?

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Take the right decisions when buying gold!

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