Chasing for Grand Winter Voyage: the competition for a wonderful vacation in the Far East

Prove the whole world you are a true leader by setting off on the Global InterGold Leaders Grand Winter Voyage 2017!

Do you know the competition rules? Is your name in the list of main contestants? Find out everything about the competition and its exceptional prize!

The Grand Winter Voyage is an exclusive prize which will be granted to the winners of the Grand Winter Voyage Competition. During this journey to the Far East with the company management, you will discover the wonders and secrets of Golden Asia!

The Grand Winter Voyage Competition is a unique opportunity to show the world that you can! Make your team proud!

The competiton started on December 15 and is in full swing now!

Promote the product,
Move up the leadership career ladder!
Develop your structures,
Help people reach financial welfare
And win the competition!
Everybody can win!

Read the competition rules:

We want to see you in the list of the winners.

We wish you every success!

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