What gifts to give for Christmas and New Year to your family and friends? Practical tips by Global InterGold

There are 2 kinds of people: those who like unusual gifts (maybe even totally useless for everyday life), and those who prefer practical presents. Luckily, from now on, you won't need to rack your brains about which type is one or the other your friend or a family member. There is a universal solution everyone will appreciate: a Global InterGold gold bar.

Gold is a gift which suits everyone's taste, both beauty connoisseurs', and practical minded people's, (or those who like both). To give someone a bar made of the yellow precious metal is the best way to wish wealth and success in the new year. Indeed, such a gift is backed by the real time honored value of gold. At the same time, the cost of the present itself is quite democratic.

For fans of unusual gifts

The gold bars sold in the Global InterGold Online Gold Shop is a gift which will stand out among such typical presents as candles, gift sets, perfume, and other Christmas “surprises”. Your friends and relatives will definitely remember Your Gift and appreciate your creativity.

Original gifts show our attitude to someone special. By giving your friend or a relative a gold bar you prove him or her how much you evaluate him or her. History tells us there were many peoples' which had a tradition of giving each other gold as a sign of love and respect.

For practical minds

It's no secret the world economic situation is shaky. However, since gold has served as a shield against economic upheavals for centuries, it makes it a reasonable gift. This precious metal has been protecting money from inflation and deflation, and it also makes a reliable safe-haven asset. What's more, when the gold prices are growing (some experts forecast it in 2016) gold can be sold to receive good profit

By giving your friend or a family member a gold bar, you make a valuable contribution to his or her financial welfare. The Global InterGold gold bars are sold in a variety of weights – from 1 to 100 grams – so you can choose any of possible options. Each of these bars is compact, easy to store, and wrapped in the Online Gold Shop branded packaging. Such a gold bar does not take a lot of space, but its benefits are enormous.

Amaze your friends and family with originality and practicality combined: give them gold!

Apart from selling gold bars, the Global InterGold Online Gold Shop carries out gold and business related events. Read the article about the Global Christmas 2015 — the enchanting event where the most active clients of the Online Gold Shop received the respectable Global InterGold Leaders AwardsGlobal Christmas Ball 2015: the grandiose close!

Merry Christmas and Happy Gold Year!

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