Christmas and New Year 2016 in Saint Petersburg. Is your name in the Global Christmas Convention list of invitees?

This Christmas and New Year's Eve will be even more special in the company of respectable people. The upcoming holidays will be a time to enjoy and rest from a year of hard work – a time to recharge your batteries to start 2016!

The Global InterGold Convention in Saint Petersburg, Russia is the event you can't miss if you want to increase your level of income and live a plenty life! A key event for this holiday season!

Have you got your ticket?

The more reasons to celebrate, the better the celebration is! The rule applies to every Global InterGold events! Let's recall Global InterGold clients' accomplishments in 2015:

  • The number of clients doubled!
  • The incomes increased!
  • The number of events celebrated increased!
  • New training materials from leaders have been published!
  • The Online Gold Shop's horizons expanded to new cities and countries!

The company appreciates the enormous contribution of the clients to the gold business development and invites everyone to celebrate these great victories and accomplishments together!

This golden New Year celebration will be the perfect start for a golden year. Greet the new year in an atmosphere of success to reach new goals!

Talk with the company management!
Make new business contacts!
Make friends from all over the world!
Know more cultures! Learn new languages!
Exchange experiences!
Learn new ways to achieve your goals!

Representatives of the following countries have already registered for the event:

The Philippines

At the Global Christmas Convention 2015 you will have the chance to win one of the free tickets for the Global Christmas Ball! The Ball will be celebrated on the same day at Four Seasons Hotel at 18:00.

Performances, a special contest, a gala dinner, and a magical atmosphere await you!

Welcome to all Global InterGold clients!

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